The Healthy Grade Club

Navin Bros. is dedicated to furthering the initiative of helping reduce the prevalence of obesity. For over three years, our ZERO Trans Fans commitment has been fulfilled in each and every one of our accounts.

Over the years, our menus have kept pace with society’s food trends and the taste preferences specific to each school’s community. Most recently, we have focused on introducing new and exciting healthy options for the students that we serve. Our “Navin Bros. Healthy Grade Signature Dishes” promote a healthy lifestyle for our students while appealing to their taste buds. All of the recipes for these signature dishes have been developed by our team of executive chefs and approved by an independent registered dietician.

To encourage our students to sample some of these unique healthy options, we offer many of the Healthy Grade Signature Dishes at a reduced price and as part of a combination meal.

This is just one more benefit that Navin Bros. provides when it comes to total school food service. We recognize our responsibility to educate our students as well as provide nutritious food choices, and our Healthy Grade Signature Dishes are just the first step in encouraging students to develop healthful lifelong
eating habits. At Navin Bros., menu plans and food products are continually subjected to nutritional and health evaluation. We will continue to strive at improving our menu offerings and services to better satisfy our customers.


Joseph E. Navin Jr.
Navin Bros. Food Service, Inc.

Rosemary Navin Dowd
Navin Bros. Food Service, Inc.

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