School Food Service

Navin Bros. is a premier food service company offering the freshest, top brand name foods and ingredients that provide HEALTHY meals for our clients. We offer Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Healthy Snacks and Beverages. All of this is delivered by the most qualified and experienced school food service personnel in the area. We offer all clients the choice of most recognizable brand names that are favorites of the communities which we serve. Our partnerships with leading food product distributors allows us to select and provide food that is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and that will please our clients. Freshest foods, Outstanding service, Ownership of your satisfaction and Delivery of your requirements is our FOOD Commitment to you. Our thousands of satisfied students are a testament to our success.

From salad to poultry - baked goods to healthy desserts, we provide our clients with what they want and need. An extensive variety of healthy, flavorful, eye appealing food and beverages. Prepared for you by the best Food Service Professionals in the area, served in a friendly and sanitary environment at the lowest possible cost.

Navin Bros. offers:

  • Delicious and nutritious food options
  • Clean and professional food preparation
  • Online payment options for parents
  • "Healthy Grade" nutrition education
  • Qualified food service professionals
  • Quality food from Professional Vendors
  • Safe, sanitary food preparation and storage
  • Temperature controlled, professional food presentation and service
  • The highest quality fresh foods and ingredients
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables to enhance school dining and encourage HEALTHY choices
  • Only ZERO Trans fat oils are used
  • Recognizable brand name products
  • Nutritious beverage choices
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Catering services on and off-site for clients

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